From the Grandhige Family

We acquired the land called ‘Raja Farm’ back in the 80’s. Situated a few kilometres outside the city then, it offered a wonderful haven in the midst of a quiet silver oak plantation. It was easy to fall in love with the place and we have lived there for many years now. Sons, daughters, nieces and nephews were born. They enjoyed their romp in the open spaces on the farm amidst dewed mornings and orange dusks. Birthdays, weddings and other celebrations that bear the family’s memories lie embedded there like emeralds within lush green fields under majestic rain trees. It is a magical place.

Bangalore grew and enveloped the land within its ambit. We decided it was time to develop the place, but in a way that could retain the spirit of the farm that we grew up on. We wanted to retain the lush green areas amidst the sense of abundance we grew up with, the common spaces where we would run into each other and discuss our days, the places to sit and sip cups of tea while admiring natures work and places where we could celebrate the moments we cherish forever. We wanted to build a community that we would love to live in ourselves, with neighbours that share our taste and our sensibilities.

In the time between making that decision and now, we have met many companies that sought to partner with us. But the builders we met either didn’t share in our vision or proposed ideas that desperately hinged on maximising profits rather than on improving the quality of life. But pride was a breath of fresh air. They engendered trust with the sincerity of their people, impressed us with their focus on quality and appealed to our pragmatism with their experience in the industry. Needless to say, they became our partners in executing our vision.

It has been a long road getting here but a happy one. We are delighted to present ‘Wilasa’ to you and hope you share in our enthusiasm with what you see in the pages that follow. All that remains now is for us to welcome you, our neighbours.

Welcome home.

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